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When it comes to the mounting of tiles, you need to know the right method of placing it otherwise it will be destructive. Learning an appropriate method to install tiles is not a tedious task, you only need to pay attention to it, especially in DIY cases. Installing tiles can be a remunerative process as this will change the look of your home totally and is quite creative. You might be wondering to know how it exactly happens.

Installation process explained

  1. First of all, measure the total area of your room where you are going to install tiles. This will help you in buying the actual number of boxes of tile.

2. Obtain a few tile sheets of your preference. If you are selecting a patterned tile, then ensure that you have measured the area of the room as close as possible to the measurement.

3. Now, you will have to get the cement backing board for your concrete floor, which will help in removing the moisture from the surface of the floor. After acquiring the board, paste it to the floor with the help of silicone.

4. Right after placing the board on the floor, start cutting the tiles according to the area and paste with the adhesive cast in the sections.

5. Start arranging tiles onto the adhesive and reach the edges with the help of the same procedure. If required, cut the tile into smaller pieces and fit at a place where a single large piece can’t be installed.

6. Once they all fixed in a particular position, don’t forget to add grouting material in the gaps between the two tiles. Leave this as it is for a complete day till it gets dry.

7. Finally, you need to prevent moisture from penetrating into the tile unnecessarily. For this, you can use the sealant, which will seal the leftover holes.

This is all about the basic tile installation Greensboro method. However, it is not as difficult as it sounds but is a bit time-consuming.

Generally, people find it difficult to decide the type of tile, which best suits their requirements. Naturally, everyone wants to buy a tile that has a beautiful look and sandstone but you will have to pay a higher price for this as compared to normal tile. The best way to select the right tile is by contacting the tile supplier who is well versed in making your favorite tile from ordinary porcelain tile. This type of tile is economical and much lighter than the rest of the tiles.