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Getting the decoration of your office or business premises right is essential to both provide staff with a pleasant and motivating workspace and create a positive impression to clients. In today’s tough marketplace, investing in an inspiring and fresh office design can help achieve greater levels of productivity and creativity, win more contracts and hold on to existing clients – all helping to improve a company’s bottom line.

When redecorating your office, there are five main things to consider.

Wall Decoration

When faced with an expanse of blank wall, the possibilities for decoration are endless. The full spectrum of paint colours and finishes are available to you, as are the many patterned paper alternatives. So how do you go about choosing the office design that’s right for you?

Within an office environment, a number of factors need to be considered that may not necessarily feature in any home based decorating decision;

How many people a likely to use the rooms/corridors on a daily basis?
What is the age demographic of the majority of users?
How much and what sort of hardware or equipment will be moved through the rooms?
Will the walls be dressed with pictures?
Will you be using an OHP on the walls?
Will the walls be used for signage or display purposes?
Will the walls need to be re-covered often?
Answers to all of these questions will help you to decide upon the type of wall covering that is most suited to your office or workspace.
There are many different types of wall covering available, from simple paints to strong, fabric backed wall coverings which are extremely durable. For heavy traffic areas like reception areas and stairwells, these are ideal. Paper backed wall coverings are well suited to lower traffic areas like offices and boardrooms etc.

Some companies are even able to supply a range of wide, paper backed wall coverings that have been designed specifically for the purpose of decorating office partition systems. These coverings, when used in conjunction with a specifically patented fire protection system, will meet Euro Class B fire certification requirements.

Beyond the paper and fabric backed products available, there is also a range of modern, eco-friendly alternatives using high-end materials such as woven grass and fibreglass. These environmentally friendly materials are extremely durable, attractive and fire retardant.

Turn your walls into whiteboards and scrawl all over them. A wall covering exists that will let you do just that. This is ideal for boardrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and educational establishments from junior schools to universities.

You could even turn your large blank wall space into an art installation, your company logo could be repeated across the wall ad infinitum or blown up and centralised as if one giant advertising hoarding. The possibilities are endless and the effect is truly amazing.